What’s Really Going On? Is Porn Healthy Or Harmful?

We’ve all heard the myth that porn makes our palms go hairy, or makes us go blind. With more and more access to free porn on sites like YouPorn, the issue of how healthy porn is gets a lot more common. You have those that think porn obviously isn’t healthy and it’s not even worth checking if free porn is worth watching or not, to them it’s just not. You also have the exact opposite side of the argument which is die-hard convinced porn is good for you and they’d never get rid of their YouPorn watching habits.

Today we’re here to answer this ages old question, is porn actually, factually good or bad for you according to modern scientific findings? Well, as with most such complicated topics, there isn’t a black or white answer, no yes or no, only a ‘sometimes’. So instead of simply giving a one word answer, we’ll explore exactly what watching porn does to you according to scientific studies?

On the positive side you firstly have the primary reason everyone even watches porn, and that is satisfaction, it gets you satisfied sexually and gives a release to pent up emotions, this is always good to have. On the other side it also helps sexual expression and makes sexuality easier to understand for those that are confused by theirs. This together leads to a healthier, more stable society, however that is not to say overconsumption of porn has no downsides to it.

Overconsumption of porn has been scientifically proven to cause significant detriment to an individual’s well being, the first, most obvious downside is that it makes attaining sexual satisfaction a breeze, and while this is usually a good thing, it can have its downsides, as for example in a relationship the porn watching partner might be less interested in actual intercourse.

In men, this can even hinder the ability to have intercourse itself, erectile dysfunction is getting more and more prevalent among men, as almost a third of ALL men have at some point experienced erectile dysfunction in their lives, it’s quite obvious how the inability to get it hard can hamper one’s sexual prowess, however this doesn’t tend to happen if the porn itself isn’t consumed way too much, and is a consequence present in scenarios where people generally don’t over consume porn(relationships) so how about some closer consequences?

Watching too much porn can lead to significant damage in the reward centers of the brain, these are areas of your brain dedicated for processing ‘rewards’ or in this case, satisfaction due to an act done, a lack of responsiveness in this area leads to a more complacent, less motivated life.

Consuming too much porn has also been linked to a decrease in concentration, however no concrete scientific study has been done.

All in all, porn can be helpful, it can be hurtful, however unless consumed too much it should be obvious that the positive sides of watching porn will prevail.