How can Cannabis Help with Anxiety?

The widespread overreliance on prescription drugs for the alleviation of anxiety has not gone very well with some of the anxiety patients as it has caused them more side effects that make them worse than they were before using the drugs. This has led to many people to try other means of getting rid of their anxiety that will be characterized by tightening of the chest, heart-dropping, and ringing of the ears.

Though there is insufficient scientific research to prove that cannabis can treat anxiety disorders, there are reports indicating that its use will bring a temporary relief to the anxiety in most people.

When you choose to self-medicate with cannabis, it is not possible to know the right dose that will be efficient for the anxiety treatment. What you will feel is that you are able to overcome the anxiety after taking a particular dose which will make you continue using it. Despite this relief, there are risks that are associated with its use such as psychological dependence where you will not be able to live without taking the drug. Any time you have not taken it, you will suffer from severe anxiety until you are able to take the drug so that you can calm down.

The THC in cannabis may also lead to memory loss as it will interfere with the part of the brain that enhances the formation of memory. There are people, who specialize in the making of medical marijuana that claims that if the right dose is taken, there will be a relief from anxiety as a result of the high concentration of CBD. Not only will such a person get relief from anxiety, but he will also be able to overcome depression, inflammatory disorders, cancer tumors, and seizures. Care should, however, be taken when taking cannabis as the more you will continue taking, the more the body will become tolerant, demanding for a higher dose that will lead to more harm than good. Work in collaboration with your doctor so that he can monitor the progress and advice you on the best way forward.